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Find the best companies and stocks around the world using institutional-grade data and models.


Test if your investment strategy was profitable in the past 20 years on 30,000+ stocks (active and delisted).

Quantitative Alpha offers a professional grade investment research platform built in an user friendly way. There is no need to have decades of experience or to use expensive investment tools to be a successful investor – Quantitative Alpha helps you find, research and test investment ideas around the world.

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P/B ratio as a strategy – not as good as others

Price-to-book ratio or P/B ratio is one of the most widely known relative valuation ratios. It compares company's market price to its book value or net worth. Usually, a benchmark for undervalued company is when it sells at or below price-to-book ratio of 1.0 or in...

P/E ratio as a strategy – undervalued stocks have higher returns

Price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is one of the most widely used tool for valuing a company. The ratio, also called earnings multiple, indicates how much investors are willing to pay for each dollar of net earnings. A stock that trades at low P/E ratio is often...

Solutions for institutional and retail investors

Quantitative Alpha’s platform provides a suite of alpha-generating analytics and models (grounded in sound economic intuition and backed by rigorous analysis) spanning sectors, regions, and markets worldwide to help you achieve higher returns. 

The quantitatively-derived scores from Quantitative Alpha give you unique value-add analytics and predictive financial modeling, helping you make better and faster investment decisions.

The combination of our analytics and models with FactSet’s high quality data enables you to gain unparalleled insight and add another layer of alpha to your returns.

Quantitative Alpha’s solutions for:

  • Fund Managers

  • Financial Advisors

  • Pension Funds

  • Retail Investors

Quantitative Alpha’s Products


Check if the company is also a good investment with Quantitative Alpha’s Analyser. There are a lot of factors that influence stock performance. Analyser will give you an overview of the most important factors (Business Quality, Company Growth, Credit Rating, Valuation, Momentum) in a friendly user interface.

No need to know complex accounting methods or advanced math. Analyser brings you the most advanced methods presented in a simple way.


Find the best companies around the world based on quantitative fundamental analysis.

With Screening Tool you can search for investment ideas based on investment strategies developed by academics and professional investors. Pick a strategy that suits you and see which companies meet the criteria of the screen/strategy, or develop your own strategy and implement it to your investment process.

Check the performance of the strategies with Backtester and choose the one you like and follow it with Screener for regular portfolio updates.



Quantitative Alpha’s Backtester is a cloud-based platform for backtesting systematic investment models that allows professional and non-professional investors to introduce cutting edge quantitative research and analytics to fund management. You don’t need to be a highly skilled developer or ‘quant’ to take advantage of advanced quantitative investment strategies and data science.

Bactester simplifies workflows, making it easy to construct, validate, and deploy multi-factor quantitative investment strategies – in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional quant tools.

Custom Indices

Use our pre-made indices to benchmark you returns or create your own index based on any of the hundreds of fundamental and technical criteria for 30,000+ stocks around the world.

Backtest the perfomance of the index and start a fund or ETF with the strategy.

Portfolio Analyser

Enter your portfolio holdings and see the properties of your investments. Check the quality of the businesses you own and see if they are currently over or undervalued. Same metrics as in Analyser applied to you whole portfolio.

Find out what drives the performance of your investments – get factor analysis of your portfolio. Is your portfolio driven by value factor or growth? Does it have large small cap exposure or momentum or any other important factor?


On Demand

Individual financial market reports and analysis from our team of experts. With Quantitative Alpha On Demand you can rely on unrivaled coverage and industry leading data, research and solutions, as you need it.

Machine Learning

Get access to latest machine learning algorithms and use them on Quantitative Alpha’s large fundamental database to find the best performing stock or to forecast companies earning or to calculate the probability of default.

Our team is pushing the bounderies in the field of specific Aritificial Inteligence and machine learning in finance. We have over a decade of expirience in this relatively new field.